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We lovingly create skincare that is effective and healthy. No one should have to compromise between beauty and wellness.


We deliver products that are formulated based on family wisdom and respect for traditional ingredients.

Phenic Natural Skincare

Our story at Phenic starts with Mediterranean olive oil; filled with skin healing nutrients and antioxidants, and an age old family recipe that was passed down through generations.

The recipe for our Oil Cream Moisturizer is an adaptation of one that was passed down in my family for generations. Years ago my grandmother Marta shared the recipe that her mother and grandmother used to create a rich face cream that would hydrate and protect their skin. It featured skin nourishing ingredients from across the Mediterranean such fresh pressed olive oil, raw honey, local beeswax, and jasmine flower. I’ve adapted this recipe with great care to preserve authenticity, but also increase its efficacy and sustainability. I am beyond proud that this became our first product at Phenic.

- Sophia El Hayek
Founder of Phenic Natural Skincare

The Brand

Our brand name Phenic comes from the word "Phoenician" which describes the ancient Mediterranean people of Lebanon.

Our Logo is an olive branch created in the shape of the Phoenician letter "P". It stands proudly in a circle of rich Tyrian purple, a color historically created in Lebanon and worn by royals throughout history. History tells us that the Phoenecians were merchants and traders who shared their local goods with the rest of the ancient world. Following in this tradition, I am working to to share the wisdom of Lebanese skincare with today’s world.

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